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Pink, Pink, Wink.

Saturday, August 27, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Vintage Pink Polka Dot Dress, Zara Sandals, Vintage Hat & Frassy White Spheres
Hat and Wig exactly the same shade of delicious bubblegum pink? Irresistible! A moment of restlessness developed into a pretty serious game of dress-up. I guess it started when I bought the wig yesterday, then I found this hat in the depths of my dusty closet and suddenly the dress yelled out “hey don’t forget me”, so in effort to please my clothes (because clothes, they have feelings, you know), I obediently threw it on. I know some of you readers become a little angry when I wear wigs (which by the way, I find hilarious) but I love them. I love them because I crave different hair colours at least once every hour of every day (sometimes more) and wigs are the perfect solution to my constant desire for pink, green, white blonde or even mint coloured hair. And yes, I know what you are probably thinking, I need to get back to the city and my daily routine because the countryside awakens this somewhat bizarre facade of me. But hey, like I’ve told you many times before, fashion is supposed to be fun and there is nothing like crazily colour coordinated outfits that scream “F-U-N”, right?


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