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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A while back, I decided I needed a change for a couple of weeks and while a fresh set of acrylics is usually enough, this time I needed something a little more drastic. Relationship problems, work problems and just a little bit of boredom lead to the decision to team up with Schwarzkopf and do something I haven’t done since I was a teenager, yep, a home dye job. My weapon of choice was Live XXL Cherry Mahogany and I won’t lie, I was nervous to do this myself – honestly, I suck at hair but I pulled on the gloves and dared to give it a go anyway. So, here’s what I did and here’s what happened!



After reading the instructions, the process is  actually super simple. I squeezed the Live Color Cream into the Application Bottle, and after some serious shaking and twisting, I was ready to roll. Obviously, the gloves are vital and a towel to protect your skin and clothes but apart from that, prep time was minimal.



Now this is where I was totally convinced I’d mess up, application! I can barely style my hair so whacking a bunch of hair dye on it was a scary thought! So being the stickler I am, I followed the instructions exactly – applying first at the ends of my hair and working my way up to my scalp. After 45 minutes, I washed my hair like usual, covered my hair in the after treatment and had a friend give me a salon worthy blow out. Et voila, the finished result!



I was genuinely really happy with the colour of my hair – initially I was concerned it would look overly red, but when combined with my natural blonde/brown, the cherry mahogany set in beautifully and gave my locks a deep brown. Also, I definitely have way more confidence to go at home dying on my own again in the future! If you feel inspired to give it a try yourself, head over to the Live XXL site, they have every colour imaginable (no, really, every one) as well as lots of videos to help see you through the process!


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