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Golden Goldie

Thursday, September 8, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Goldie London Blue Maxi Dress, Boohoo Gold Jacket, Gold Chanel Bag,
YSL Arty and Galibardy Panther Statement Rings & Rayban Wayfarers.
Whenever my friend, Michelle stays with me in Paris, she comes with her hilarious unfailing energy, inspirational stories and pretty gifts…in the form of clothes from her brand Goldie. For a fashion-minded person like myself, I don’t think there is anything quite as a satisfying as wearing a piece of clothing that a good friend designed. She tells me about the whole process, from designing to sourcing fabrics to manufacturing to distribution: and so the garments she brings me become a standing ovation to the dedication and hard work that go into her clothing line. Make sure you check her out here. Oohh, on a seperate note, I am so in love with this completely over-the-top gold jacket- my miniature gold Chanel bag finally has a partner in “metallic” crime! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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