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by the door

Monday, March 9, 2015


by the door in many ways, wearing another outfit by boohoo for pfw


boohoo pfw look 2.jpg_effected


what im wearing: boohoo drawstring trapeze dress,

boohoo pompom court heels & boohoo faux fur clutch



By the door literally but also figuratively, constantly trying to get somewhere, the next photoshoot, another meeting, leaving an event to make a deadline. I know, I know…how tediously typical, a blogger gasping at how insane her PFW schedule is. But, I’ve barely seen a catwalk, the closest I came to a party was takeout pizza with some friends last Friday – I’ve sort of kept to myself, getting my projects done, ten steps to the left and around a corner from PFW. The few events I did go to – well, I found myself by the door at those too, backing away in anxiety at how quick people are to ask how many instagram followers I have or what brand collaborations I have lined up for the season. I do pride myself on staying humble, I just cannot network or sell myself in the way I see others do so effortlessly (and shamelessly). But I’m okay with that, I’ve been doing this long enough to have the confidence in knowing that I have my work and I always will. On another note, this very long, very full week has been such fun – with all kinds of projects that I am excited to share. I feel giddy with exhaustion, happy with how productive I’ve been – and proud to say I survived another one of these weeks, they come twice yearly but wow, they can be a struggle. And tomorrow I head home, looking forward to bare feet and face, cups of tea and all the editing and writing that comes next. By far my favourite parts of my work are the simplest, at home, cosy in front of my computer screen. More soon, as I said, I have lots to share and tell.


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