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Monday, June 1, 2015
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let’s laugh at the absurdity in all things in every part of life

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what i’m wearing: oasis longline waistcoat, oasis white
plain cami
, oasis crepe culottes & oasis pointed flats

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Verbose, is what so much of life feels to me. People talking into circles rather than lines of action. Words laced with intentions I can’t quite decipher. Bills to pay, work to organize, women friends indulging in little girl drama…overblown obligations and relationships, they tangle life up. All these words flying around and all these people hurdling in and out of our lives I get lost in it all, wondering why and how. You see I made a vow to stop taking everything so seriously, and daily life streams with much more ease these days. It was perhaps reading Dorothy Parker’s short stories or just sinking under such stress that I finally caved and abandoned it all just a little. I never took myself very seriously so why was I absorbing everything around me with such painful sincerity? It didn’t make much sense. And when you step back, life looks comically ridiculous. And I like that. Especially this world of blogging I work in, probably one of the most ridiculous little industries of all. I can mock the field while still respecting my own audience, and as for clothes and my own personality, I ridicule those most of all. I am unpretentious, really if you ever meet me, I am anything but arrogant. To be arrogant seems so exhausting, to continually maintain an act of self-importance. How tiring, how tedious – far more fun to snort with laughter if you ask me. So, here I am, wearing my clothes, sharing my stories but all the while, laughing at myself as I type and edit – realizing just how utterly absurd everything really is. We are all just clueless humans bumping around on this round ball called Earth, we know nothing and we expect everything – and between our ignorance and the arrogance, all we can really do is chuckle at how crazy this weird thing called life is. I hope we are laughing together, or more aptly, snorting because I tend to do that frequently… and praying it’s overlooked because the clothes I am wearing are quite pretty. Which in itself is another absurdity, people assume I am rather sophisticated because they like the clothes on my body. If only they knew what a desperate attempt my wardrobe is, a laughable struggle to mask how entirely baffled and achingly goofy I actually am.


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