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pink underneath bir hakeim

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


a little bit of pink & a whole lot of grateful


what im wearing: primark pink tailored coat, primark bohemian print
shift dress, primark faux leather satchel & primark tan heeled sandals

Optimized-3.jpg_effected (4)

The last month has been entirely work fuelled, there have been too many projects and not enough time. I am relieved that March is running over into April tomorrow. Because, I am exhausted, so much so, I inadvertently collapsed into bed at about 6 pm last Friday and didn’t wake up until midday on Saturday. All that rest was great, but all the stress that came with missing at least 6 hours of work was not great. But I won’t dare complain, working mostly in an already saturated industry means I am truly honoured when brands reach out to me. It is a privilege to spin a profit on a blog that has cycled through so many phases, so many places and so many years. This is my 8th year of Frassy, I cannot quite fathom the longevity that this little blog has proved. I am endlessly proud – and even prouder to say that is by far my best year yet. I am always so wary of sounding boastful – I really hope you don’t interpret this in that way. Because really, it’s me, my camera, a brand here and there, but mostly, it’s you. I might not have 100k instagram followers or a Hermes to match every blazer, but I do I have the most loyal, most supportive, most inspiring group of readers. And the emails and comments, especially recently… you women blow me away, with your own stories and thoughts on the tales I share here. I read every single one and while it might take a little while, I always respond. At the beginning of 2015, I set out to be more personal, more honest – I wanted Frassy to evolve into a place where I wore pretty clothes but also spoke truths that felt raw and real to me. Quite frankly, we are friends here – I have no shame in oversharing, in fact I want Frassy to be as intimate as possible. I think together we are succeeding at making it just that – there is a dialogue going on, responses to what I write rather than to solely the shoes on my feet. There are clothes and there are my thoughts – and I am forever trying to find new ways to tie these two components of my life together here. And so, I wanted to thank you and salute you for helping me do just that. You are wonderful.


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