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Business Barbie

Thursday, October 13, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Stradivarius Pink Blazer, Vintage Pale Pink Blouse,
Zara Pink Shoes & Trousers, Vintage YSL Sunglasses & Ebay Pink Clutch
So, this is what Barbie would wear to a business meeting. Right?! God, I love PINK and you can probably tell  from the goofy grins I’m pulling in these photos. What’s more is that these YSL sunglasses make me look sort of crazy in the eyes- girls, this is a true MAN-REPELLING outfit. And, if you are dressing for male attention…please just don’t– fashion is so much more fun when you don’t give a damn what others think. Anyway, I’ll refrain from a lecture here- its my birthday tomorrow- I’m having a small wig party (as in if you wanna come, you gotta wear a wig!) ,complete with macaroons, cupcakes, confetti and colourful drinks. Tomorrow, I’m going to search out the perfect, most natural looking wig I can find- thank god Paris has a million costume/fancy dress shops! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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