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Dress Like a Lady

Thursday, November 24, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Vintage Cream Blazer, H&M; Sequin Shift Dress (worn as Top), Brand Bazar Skirt,
Vintage Sunglasses, Topshop Clutch, Zara Shoes &  Miss Annie May Pearl Multi-Strand Necklace. 
Wow, the week is almost over- I’m excited for the weekend, I guess I always am though. Because I’m self employed, people often assume that I do whatever the hell I want all week- I wish that was true. When Friday night rolls around it means I can turn my computer off and get out into the city.  And this one is going to be delicious; shopping, dancing and brunching. I cannot wait! I feel like there are still so many corners of this city I am yet to explore, and so I am def. vowing to make more of an effort to just aimlessly walk around Paris. And also, I NEED to get some 35 mm film for my vintage Minolta and start snapping away. There is something so romantic about developing film- I love my digital Canon but photos are taken so quickly, not much thought goes into the whole photography process. Anyway, I ramble. More tomorrow!


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