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Russian Colour

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Vintage Jaeger Red Coat, Zara Sheer Red Blouse, Vintage Blue High Waisted Trousers,
H&M; White Hat, Vintage Sunglasses, New Look Heels, Ebay Clutch ,YSL Arty Ring + Frassy Rags Peace Ring
I absolutely refuse to follow the “its winter now, we can only wear black” trend that the rich Parisian women in my neighbour strictly adhere to. In fact, bright colours keep you warmer- or so I believe. This red coat is one of my prized posessions- I can’t remember when or where I bought it but I do know that everytime I wear it something fun/great/hilarious happens to me. I read an article in Vestoj (which is a fashion theory/literature journal you all should check out) about how we give life to an object by how we choose to use it, wear it and love it. And how vintage clothes hold memories and energy from their past owners- and so I like to think that the woman who wore this coat before me was wonderfully vivacious- one of those people who literally sparkled her way through life. And I think thats why good stuff happens to me in this red coat- its all because of her- this woman I imagine so vividly everytime I slip this Jaeger beauty on. Anyway, I could ramble about “how clothes have feelings” forever, so I’ll stop now and go cook dinner! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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