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Saturday, November 15, 2014


kardashtrash5 copy

What I’m Wearing: Lipsy X Kardashian Halterneck Jumpsuit & Lipsy X Kardashian Leopard Print Heels


autumn copy


There isn’t much I won’t do for the sake of a good photo, from watching endless youtube photoshop tutorials to 3 long metro rides across the city to catch the Paris sunset from the perfect spot or like today, climbing up onto a dangerously high wall in 6 inch stilettos. I was a little scared and painfully cold due to the ridiculous lack of coat, but it was invigorating to be up that high above rue Rivoli for a few minutes. Recently, I have been dressing down, casual and usually barefaced – too distracted by other lovely things in life to really care too much about my appearance.So it was a refreshing change, to pull on this sultry jumpsuit and heels to match – a lot can be said for feeling sexy, girls! I usually forget to even try, but when I do occasionally, it gives me a confidence like no other. Happy Weekend!


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