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Slouchy Leopard

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Adolfo Dominguez Sweater, Vintage Leopard Tousers, 
House of Harlow Sunglasses, Zara Loafers & Mini Bowler Bag.

This stone wall in the backyard of my Mom’s house marks where Frassy was started- so I always like to climb on it and snap some photos, just for old times sake. But also to marvel at the mountains that watched me grow up and to miss Paris- (because I do, its only been two days but I’m missing the city)  I guess the countryside is great- clean air, quiet skies and all that- but damn, call me crazy: I miss the noise and the pollution and the daily chaos that unravels right outside my apartment windows. In Spain, I never wear heels- instead I throw on ensembles like this, outfits that keep me comfortable during what can only be described as  shopping marathons my Mom and I embark on whenever I come back. More tomorrow!


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