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Thursday, June 5, 2014

travel real


What I’m Wearing: Tally Weijl Trench, Boohoo Fedora Hat, AG Boyfriend Jeans, ZeroUV Sunglasses, Navy New Balance via Bank Fashion & Aspinal of London Saddle Bag, Travel Wallet & Heart Coin Purse.

travel real1

I’ve gotten my travel route between Spain & France down to perfection. I take the same flight, dress/pack in the same way and the air hostesses even recognize me now as its a trip I have taken countless times this year. And so somehow that is my life now, bouncing between these two countries, but I absolutely adore it. Here I am in Paris, wearing a very typical travel outfit of mine – sad to say trench coats are still weather appropriate, not sure what is going on weather wise, but it sucks for sure. I always wear sneakers when I travel and tend to prefer jeans of the baggy variety – being on a plane is uncomfortable enough, so I opt to wear clothes I can relax in. My Aspinal Leathers have been coming with me everywhere, their travel wallet is so handy – you can store everything in here from your passport to cash and even your boarding passes (plus wads of receipts and gum wrappers if you tend to be a mess like me). More tomorrow! Photos: Elodie Puechon


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