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Winter Brights

Saturday, November 5, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Vintage Purple Mohair Cardigan, Vintage Turquoise Suede Tank, ASOS Lampshade
Orange Skirt, H&M; Sunglasses, Zara Grey Suede Heels, Chanel Orange Bag + ASOS Gold Cuff Bangle
I woke up late, my flat is a big clothes explosion (I think I’ve outdone myself this time, I am def. the queen of clothes chaos this weekend)- and so I was a feeling a little groggy. Best way to energize yourself is by piling on as many bright colours as you can (a chai tea latte helped too). And now I’ve got an hour or so to make lunch, shower and get ready to go see Foster The People and Friendly Fires perform at La Cigale this evening with Haleigh. This will be the second time we see Foster the People play together, maybe it should be a tradition of ours! We booked these tickets in AUGUST- and  that seems like just yesterday! My oh my, where is time dissappearing to? I still refuse to believe its November already! More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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