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Batoko Red Leather

Thursday, December 1, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Goldie London Leather Studded Jacket, Vintage Leopard Blouse, Alexander McQueen
Skull Scarf, Batoko Red Leather Skirt, Ebay Clutch, Vintage Hat, ASOS Pointed Toe Flats + Sunglasses
WOW, the colour red is certainly getting alot of action on Frassy recently, maybe because its such a vibrant shade in this dull weather or because today is the 1st day of December, marking the countdown to CHRISTMAS. I’ve not left my apartment yet – been inside sipping green tea working on the new Frassy blog design- I’m excited to get it up so you can all see the finished result. So, time to start thinking about Christmas presents right? Frassy Rags will be decked out Holiday style this weekend, so make sure you check the site out! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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