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Slumming It

Sunday, December 4, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Vintage Jaegar Coat, River Island Leopard Collar Tank Blouse, 
Zara Leather Leggings, Grey Ant Sunglasses, ASOS Loafers & Zara Mini Bowler Bag.
Sometimes I feel like this blog is turning into some sort of advertisement for Paris because I’m always raving about how great this city is. And at the end of every Sunday, when I’m cleaning my flat and taking a bath – I think back on how hilariously fun each and every weekend is here. For all of you that ever have the opportunity to visit or move here, I cannot encourage you more- Paris has done more for me than any other place I have lived. Anyway, back to clothes: these loafers and mini bowler bag are my go to weekend shoe/bag combination: the loafers are incredibly comfortable AND the bag is small enough to carry around all day yet big enough for to keep my boyfriend safe in- and by boyfriend, I mean my camera. Yes, I am in a relationship with my Canon 60D. More tomorrow! Its Sunday night so R-E-L-A-X everyone! Big Love! 


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