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#boohooFIT (part 1)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


working out, does just that, it works stuff out:  my boohoofit collaboration



what im wearing: boohoo fit snakeskin cropped hoodie, snakeskin running hot pants, marble spandex playsuit & blue running sneakers


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I like to call it sweat therapy. Alcohol makes me melancholy, junk food makes me lethargic, shopping keeps me away from my saving goals. Exercise is my anti-depressant. I come from a health-obsessed family, my Dad has a home gym bigger than any apartment I’ve ever lived in and my Mom is a Step Aerobics queen. My little brothers are such huge muscle hulks, I barely believe I am the eldest anymore. So in my family, exercise is mandatory, not an option – sort of like brushing your teeth. I will always be thankful to my parents for bringing me up in this way. Sure I’m not the skinniest girl but I can do a push up for every year I’ve been alive – there is no thigh gap between my legs, but you know what? I’m pretty strong for a girl. And yeah, men have slyly commented on my ‘thunder thighs’ or ‘strangely wide shoulders’ but I could out run them any day. So when my mind is weak, I make my body stronger. Releasing endorphins releases me, from so many things girls, from frustration, self-loathing, stress, heart-ache or heart-break to sadness, lethargy and all those terrible greys in between. I sweat it out for the sake of my soul, and its by far, the best thing I do everyday.


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