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Friday, February 14, 2014

What I’m Wearing: Missguided Mohair Jacket, ASOS Bodice & Tutu Skirt & Boohoo Heels


I wished you all a day full of love last week, but Happy Valentines day! I’m keeping low tonight, getting up close and personal with a hefty piles of books I’ve bought recently. Might make me the lamest human alive, but there is honestly nothing I’d rather be doing. Maybe I’m getting old, huh? I used to love Friday nights out in the city with a 6am ending at a 24 hour restaurant and a Saturday of sleeping. But these days, I can only really muster the energy for such a night maybe once a month. Partly because I work on the weekends but also because, I kind of, you know,  did it… been there and got the party t-shirt. A t-shirt I actually now prefer to wear in bed at midnight on Fridays, with tea instead of a clutch and slippers instead of heels. Saying that, I haven’t turned totally boring – I’m all for a good party once and a while, usually when my nearest and dearest are back in Paris with me. Speaking of, Paris Fashion Week is coming up – always a killer party or two happening worth the next-day exhaustion! Have a great Friday night, I love you all! Photos: Catherine O’Hara


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