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Hoops & Harlow Heels

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketWhat I’m Wearing: House of Harlow Sunglasses, ASOS Gold Hoops, Vintage Fur Coat, H&M; Silk Tank, Cheap Monday High Waisted Jeans, House of Harlow Natalia Boots (from Spartoo), ASOS & Gogo Phillip Gold Cuffs
Like all girls, most days I wish I was little thinner (but then again, I wish I was smarter and richer too) but all in all, we should celebrate the body parts that make us women. Don’t you think? Sometimes its nice to dress up in garments that accentuate the more curvaceous parts of my body- its SO important to feel comfortable in your own body- and its something that I find, happens as you grow up. It is worrying how many girls believe that curves aren’t attractive. AND, if you should ever find yourself questioning your boobs or hips, then go google the likes of Eva Mendes or Jessica Biel. These women have got it going onn. And just before I step off the soap box here, let me just urge you all to embrace your womanliness – go put on that skin tight pair of jeans or bodycon dress and work it like a woman should! Anyway, for those of you that follow my daily crazy ramblings on Facebook, will already be familiar with my new House of Harlow shoes – I am totally infatuated with them! And gotta say, my feet are pretty crazy about them too, deceivingly comfortable! More tomorrow lovelies! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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