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Maxi Flutter

Monday, January 30, 2012
PhotobucketPhotobucketWhat I’m Wearing: ASOS Sunglasses, Vintage Fur Gilet, Vintage Silk Feather Blouse, Vintage White Pleated Maxi, Def-Shop Beige Suede Boots, ASOS Cuffs & Stylesofia Satchel


Fashion is (obviously) something I spent a lot of time thinking about- and with these thoughts come observation. I love to watch the people on the streets of this city, examining how they wear what they wear. And within Fashion,  lies thousands of small nuances that always strike me as so beautiful. For example, let’s start with how the pleats of this maxi fall and flutter at my feet, how the fabric moves in sync with my body. Or the bashful way a man will awkwardly clutch the straps of his woman’s handbag -when she asks him to hold it for her. And the proud, tentative strides a woman will take when she takes her new shoes out for a spin. The loving way in which old women clasp at the lapels of their age-old floor length fur coats. Or the teenager’s first mini skirt- uncomfortably strutting around, clocking every male glance that lands on her. I could go on and on here, but fashion, in one way or another has some significance to everyone, and I love to spot the meaning that something as simple as clothing has to the strangers I see on the streets. Because Fashion is a choice we make everyday of our lives, and regardless of whether a person is “fashionable” or not, getting dressed will forever be a ritual for all of us. Anyway, enough sartorial philosophy for one day, more tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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