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Poncho Protection

Thursday, January 5, 2012
What I’m Wearing: Vintage Oversized Poncho Sweater, H&M; Jeans, Balenciaga Bag, ASOS Sueded Boots & Floppy Hat, Elizabeth & James Sunglasses (from Hampden Clothing
Spending small fortunes at the pharmacy, trying to get comfy in the back of taxis en route to doctors, gulping strange tasting steaming hot drinks- all the worst aspects of this time of year, because I only ever get ill in the winter. And isn’t it funny, we don’t appreciate our daily health until it is slightly compromised- which sort of ties in with one of my new year’s resolutions of being more thankful, more grateful and more aware of how lucky I am. It is so easy to take even the smallest parts of life for granted, health being one of them. And all it has really taken is a stupid  flu/cold to make me realise how great it is that I am healthy and that I am happy. Besides, I might be feeling pretty crappy right now but at least I’ve got this huge (amazeballs) poncho to keep me warm. I am not joking when I say its as close to a “bed” as a piece of clothing can be, seriously you can curl up and sleep pretty much anywhere in this poncho. Its so thick and cosy, plus its sheer quantity of wool might help ward off any future illnesses that try and come my way this winter. Photos: Anastasia Nielsen 


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