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Shades of Grey

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Hat, ASOS Lucite Cateye Sunglasses, Ebay Grey Mohair Jacket, Vintage Sequin Tank, See By Chloe Jeans, Topshop Feather Clutch & Zara Grey Suede Heels


My Dad bought me these See By Chloe Jeans for me when he took me to Paris for my 16th birthday. 6 years ago now, and I still remember the day so vividly, it was the day I got my first Chanel bag, ate my first Laduree macaroon and the first time I fell in love with this city. These jeans stopped fitting while I was at university but when I was at home for the holidays, I found them in the very deepest darkest corner of  my wardrobe. I very tentatively tried them on and was pretty impressed that they fit (and are actually now, a tiny bit loose) It is garments like this that hold such nostalgic value for me- and funnily enough the belongings I treasure most were bought in Paris at different times in my life (such as my black Balenciaga bag, my purple Hermes silk neck scarf and a 30 euro faux fur coat I’ve been wearing for years and years)- this gradual accumulation of treasures from Paris makes me think I was always supposed to live here but they are also, a tribute to my ever-growing love for this city.  Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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