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a jewellery journal: ginette NY

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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another entry in my jewellery journal, this time
at les deux magots with the lovely ginette NY

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As I’ve grown older, my taste in jewellery has narrowed – not so much in my love for it but more specifically in style. I prefer womanly jewellery – rather than the heavy bling I used to drape in layers on my girl body of before. I’m partial to a statement ring or Latina inspired hoops every now and again, but the pieces I wear on a regular basis are barely-there, fragile, hiding away and nestled next to the freckles that connect across my skin. I always prefer gold to silver- with my dark hair and usually tanned skin – caramel gold tones feel more natural. I rarely find jewellery I covet, in fact most accessories available these days have me shuddering, just imagining the sheer weight of them on my body seems exhausting. So, my visit to Ginette NY in Paris was a treasure – and truly poetic in a way I wish all brands were – quietly, elegantly…discreetly.  I was impressed with the brand. Usually with jewellery, because I wear glasses (and sunglasses, a lot too) I’m self-conscious that anything too elaborate will make me look overdone and trying too hard in that painfully awkward way I know from experience. A few years ago I vowed for effortlessness in everything I do, in the clothes I wear to the words I write to the life I live – and Ginette NY slid right up next to this ideal of mine and in my short but sweet visit, I became a solid admirer. Now don’t be tricked by their delicateness, these are not faux jewels but true solid gold and encrusted in diamonds – the jewellery of a real woman. Now you might not be able to afford to buy a piece for every body part, but I cherish the idea of investing in  quality- which may be once in your lifetime or every year. The way we fasten, snap and close chains, studs and all kinds of metal  melted into shapes onto our bodies everyday, it is a curious ritual to me – and I like to celebrate that in tiny, quiet but luxurious ways, when I can. And so for this entry of my jewellery journal, I draped myself in all kinds of Ginette NY delicate jewels, laced in gold and diamonds alike…and headed to a very special place, Les Deux Magots – the cafe overlooking a square called Place Jean-Paul Sartre et Simone de Beauvoir, not only 2 of my favourite writers but also the place I went for coffee every morning with my Dad when I discovered Paris for that very first time, all those many, many years ago. And if you do find yourself in the city soon, I recommend a stop by the Ginette NY boutique followed by a cafe creme right here, you might even find me sitting a few tables away, reminiscing as I tend to.


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