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behind the seam part 3

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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I wanted to save some of my Behind the Seam  stories (for my previous two, click here & here)  for Paris, because quite frankly, Paris and I share a great many tales together. They might not be exceptional in any way, or even very eventful, except they are all my own, quietly but majestically they belong to only me. And they are all scattered all over this city, from apartment windows I used to live in or now closed down bars where I used to spend my Fridays, and tears or laughter that left me hysterical on a street, bridge or park bench. And that’s when a city becomes truly great for me, with time it becomes personal preserve, infused with life you lived in all kinds of ways, in all kinds of places with all kinds of people. And I guess the same could be said about a great pair of jeans, it’s the old pairs that always fit and feel best – even after a couple months of neglect, you can still slip comfortably back into them, suddenly remembering why you loved them so much. So, today I slipped not only into some of my most familiar jeans, a pair I’d had honestly forgotten about – but also recently, I eased back into Paris life, after 3 months away. At a time in my life when nothing feels constant or stable, it’s the simple things like a city I can call home or a familiar pair of faded jeans that truly keep me calm, balanced and ready to to tackle whatever comes my way.

Be sure to go discover Behind The Seam, a denim haven where each pair of jeans is pre-loved and comes with a personal anecdote or story from the previous owner in the pocket. An idea, I just adore! You ‘ll also be able to shop my Behind the Seams denim selections, straight from my own closet, very soon.


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