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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


combinations, of words, of clothes – of all things and all of them, at once




what im wearing: primark straw striped hat, primark terracotta dress,
primark snakeskin platform sandals & primark wicker boxy clutch


A terracotta dress next to a brick wall. Textures in a straw black hat that sits crisply, textures in snakeskin striped in red & black, textures in a wicker coffee coloured clutch – all paired with that rough red wall. Dressing well is quite like writing well, the skill lies in the combination. A noun I love, the way things meet and merge and become one is fascinating to me, in all facets of life. From the clothes I throw atop my skin to the words that flow from my brain to hand in quick flurries to the photos that become pretty with a matching backdrop and just the right light. They intertwine and become what I share here – how lovely, how wonderful, I am able to do this everyday, for work, for rent and a dialogue and a diary that has been turning post after post into a 7 year story. I never stop feeling lucky and even on days like this one, where my mind hurts from a haze and I’ve cried a few times – coming back here logging in, writing and sharing still feels right, it feels good in a way that has  become second-nature to me. And before posting, walking around downtown or running on the beach – I’ll be thinking of what to write here – because the words are as important to me as the clothes and the photos – perhaps not to the brands I work with, but the sentences that spill out next to my outfits are the best part. I prefer stories to shopping, if you like the things I wear I hope you buy them – if you don’t, that’s okay too. I am just so happy to have you here – I am honoured to have you as a witness to whatever this is… I guess this is an outlet above all. A place I come to share. And so today against this rough but charming red wall – another outfit, another day – another sequence in this fascinating thing called combination. A blending of the things I really love, clothes, photography, words… which probably tend to overflow and merge messily rather than elegantly coalesce. But that’s okay, messy works for me. I hope it does for you too.


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