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Unicorns Really Do Exist

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I just love Unicorns. I always have and always will. But for a couple years, between teenager and young adult, I forgot how much I adored them (boys and the pursuit of money got in the way, I guess) And then in recent months, I remembered this fascination of mine, and so went about creating a trio of tees to celebrate my curiousity for these mystical (and yet, very real to me) creatures. After the t-shirts, came the desire to make a one minute video – an intense ode to both the imagination and its creative powers.  And so, my very good friend Haleigh (you can all read her blog here)  and I collaborated on doing just that- but I do use “collaboration” very casually here- it is her hard work and talent that made this video come full circle. She is an incredibly gifted videographer – and it was such fun to twirl/jump/spin around Pont des Arts with a golden orange sun setting behind me. And so I hope after you watch this video, you are inspired to stay true to your imagination and to join in on my belief that unicorns really DO exist.  Shop Unicorn Tees at Frassy Rags Here


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