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Sunday, July 15, 2012


What I’m Wearing: Zara Breton Top, Louis Vuitton Scarf, ASOS Hat, Zara 
Sequin Short, ASOS Sunglasses & New Look Patent Beige Heels


Keeping it classic today, went for a walk in the rain and stopped off at Loulou’s, one of my favourite weekend restaurants – there is nothing I love more than going out for breakfast on a Sunday. And, I’ve become addicted to carrot juice – spending way too much money at the natural juice joint on my street, so I’m going to buy a juicer! Back when I was a student, spending money on food, to me, seemed like a waste. But more recently and since I moved to Paris, I enjoy forking out for good meals and healthy food. What do you guys think? Hope you’ve all had a good weekend – I’ve been spending these rainy days re-decorating my apartment – maybe I’ll share some photos with you! More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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