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Bikini Fears

Monday, August 20, 2012


I’ve never been one of those super body confident girls, I am comfortable in my own skin but I’m not the first one to immediately strip down to her bikini and jump in the pool. There is, for me, I guess what I’ll call an “adjustment period”, where I have to get used to running around in public half naked.   Its weird you know? I live in an city environment where everyone is always fully clothed and then after a 2 hour plane ride, I am automatically expected to parade around in what is nothing but the summer equivalent of underwear. It is always a little daunting to begin with, especially with my Parisian pale skin. But thank god for fashion, uh? So for those of you who have the same swimwear issues as me, here are some simple suggestions to make the dreaded bikini acclimatization a little easier! Throw on a crochet hoodie, dress or tee over your bikini. And once you’ve gotten used to that, take to the one-piece, think of it as a very very short mini dress! Soon after, you should be able to tackle the bikini, precisely what I aim to do tomorrow! Confidence is a vital accessory for every outfit, sometimes it just takes a little while to find it! 


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