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Friday, December 28, 2012

Just a weekend left of home comforts, so I thought I’d share some of the photos I’ve snapped along the way. Its been a totally relaxing 10 days, everything is so simple here. I feel like I’ve escaped back to a younger age, I never have time to bake cupcakes in Paris or fill scrapbooks with scented crayon doodles. I spend limited time by the computer and instead roam around the house aimlessy, and then stumble upon ways to entertain myself. And when I grow tired of that, I’ll go out and buy hats, stock up on lipsticks and perfumes or just go outside, and sit in the sunshine with a book.The last couple of months have been a little strange for me, filled with a haze of self-doubt and an anxiety that I can’t quite explain, but the countryside has been good to me. I feel like I am ready to tackle 2013 and embrace the changes I know I must confront. And as a warm up for the new year, I think we should all remember what the wrinkled/torn note (that has been taped to my mirror here since I was 16) says “its life and its happening, its really happening, right now


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