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summer shoes

Thursday, July 7, 2016




I won’t go on about my ever burning love affair for the sun and summer and la di da. It’s a tune that spun into a chorus here online, but I will say this, it’s also the season with the best shoes. No boots (that always make my legs look like sausages), no socks (I’m not a fan of those either) and usually with an emphasis on comfort and practicality rather than style. They are the perfect excuse to overpay for a shellac pedicure and an even better reason to dry oil your tanned limbs because summer shoes look best with bare legs. They should be easy to slip on and off and if you can’t wear them in the sand, they aren’t worth a damn. Sure, I have my collection of beautiful strappy heeled sandals and so on, but they are worn as often as that hideous tankini I bought at 2am in a panic when I felt especially bloated ; which is never, ever, not even once this season. I might go as far to say that real summer girls don’t wear heels during the day because everyday is a beach possibility and with the sea as my ideal daily choice, I will always go for something I can run and jump down to the shore in. Should you must wear heels, don’t worry some of my friends feel the same way and I must admit there is something covetably decadent about a girl in a swimsuit and heels, I’ve included a wedge option here for you too. A wedge is manageable, achieveable and not uncomfortable. Anything else must be forfeited. No stilettos until the sun goes down. Let’s aim for boho queen by day, shall we? Oh and no flip flops at anytime of any day. You are too pretty for shoes like those. They are as ugly as they are function-less, utterly. Espadrilles, I love : their comfort, the way they look good with absolutely everything, from a floaty dress to a dirty pair of denim cut-offs… I like the classic in prints or faux suede neutrals ; I love the ones that tie up your ankle ; I love them all, espadrilles are my favourite summer shoe.  Sandals can be tricky, so often they are overly embellished with flashy hardware or rhinestones (I abhor rhinestones), I believe they should be inconspicuous and almost boringly basic. And finally, I fiercely believe in cheap summer shoes, they are too flimsy to expect them to last more than a season, so don’t spend much. Summer is dirty, summer is adventure with blazing foreign city hot sidewalks and sand and salt water, summer is going barefoot with your shoes strewn somewhere behind you. I’ve worn these 5 pairs relentlessly this season and thus, the inevitable dark marks, frayed straps and dirty raffia are all already visible. So please choose pairs cheaper than a sandwich. Summer really isn’t about the shoes at all which is why you should spend less on your feet and more on where your feet will go.


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