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a jewellery journal: lucy ashton

Monday, September 14, 2015

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silver armor to guide self love, a new sort of jewellery for me

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Turning over another leaf in my jewellery journal, this time, quite aptly showcasing leaves themselves in a collaborative concept that came to be alongside the ever lovely Lucy Ashton, creator and designer of a jewellery line I have fallen for. I do adore jewellery, a love that has seriously been reignited over the last year or so, culminating during my trip to Copenhagen, where I was educated on jewellery of all beautiful kinds. There is such sentimental value in jewellery, this is perhaps why I am so fascinated, anything that small so close to our skin must have meaning, or so I do believe. Love itself seems to be at the core of all jewellery – stones like diamonds or pearls symbolize the love of a man, but this got me thinking, what about self-love? What sort of jewellery would express this ever important facet of love? And that is precisely how that how these photos spun themselves into life, I suppose. Lucy designs are all inspired by armor – her intricate silver designs are bold yet never brazen, strong but subdued in a way that melds well with my search for jewellery that says self-love rather than the traditional romantic kind.

You see, in one way or another, we are vulnerable and painfully susceptible to all sorts of influences that swarm and circle us like a tornado. We all need protection from this I think. Refusing to self-hate takes strength. A long time ago, people used to tie pieces of cloth around any painful part of their body to keep the “spirit of life” in that area, and to keep the pain from spreading to other parts of the body. A carry over from that technique led to tying a piece of string around the index finger to keep a memory there. The string on the finger was a reminder that something should be remembered later when it was needed. We all need reminders, to keep true and secure in our skin, so often we slip and forget. And so I wanted to celebrate Lucy’s jewellery both as armor against the tornado of influences that make us doubt but also a reminder kept close,  around my neck or on a finger. A reminder  to stay fierce and loyal to the love we must always have for ourselves. Self Love really does require armor, and girls, we must find that protection in every single way we can.


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