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fafalu at bir hakeim

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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 a lookbook under a bridge next to the eiffel with fafalu

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Bir Hakeim holds my heart for a lot of lovely reasons, in fact certain bridges in Paris are heavy with memories for me. Sometimes when I walk down them now, I am certain they will crack under the weight of all the life I have lived on them. An ex boyfriend of mine and I would sit and drink coffee in the alcoves of Pont Neuf every Sunday, my legs on his with an easy silent that felt cosy. I cannot cross it without thinking of him, and sometimes I stop to send him a photo of the view. I stumbled home across Pont des Arts too many times to count, drunk but still capable of concentrating on that Eiffel Tower spotlight that scans the Seine. It was also the bridge of countless picnics, where we would all cluster cross-legged to drink cheap wine and pretend to enjoy strong cheese.  Passy bridge, not one I frequented often but the place Haleigh and I watched a striking pink Paris sunsets soak into the blue river, wrapped in furs and giddy happy for no real reason except that we were alive. As for Bir Hakeim, the backdrop of so many of the Paris photos I share here, a place I have laughed at my ridiculous poses as well as cursed the wind that so often soars across it, always too, stopping to awkwardly arranging my hair and lipstick behind the pillars. I’ve been here too many times to count but every time I return, it gets better. There is no limit to the strange euphoria I feel, jumping off the metro, crossing the street to see the Eiffel looming so close by. It is one of my favourite places on earth. I will always find my way back here I hope. And so it was honour to shoot this little lookbook here in collaboration with Fafalu, a beautiful brand from Thailand that like me, is infinitely inspired by Paris. And so in true tradition, I pulled on all these beautiful clothes and photographed them with the wind in my hair under a sun that couldn’t decide if it wanted to shine. I hate to sound like a boastful blogger, but there is something about this bridge that makes me feel blessed. In the same way you might feel lucky when you look at your boyfriend, I feel grateful to have this corner of the city to keep. Yes, I claimed it. It’s mine in many personal ways. And the best part? Bir Hakeim will never go away, it was there before I was born and will be around long after I’m gone. I find this comforting. All it takes is a plane and it’s mine again.


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