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Saturday, September 27, 2014

primark pfw


What I’m Wearing: Primark Oversized Black Blouse, Primark Grey Skirt & Primark Grey Thigh-High Boots

primark pfw1

primark8 copy

I saw these boots, looked at the crazy cheap price tag and instantly threw them into my Primark basket but then I found the skirt and girls, it was one of those shopping moments that come so rarely, but when they do, it’s like some sort of retail euphoria. They just matched so perfectly and both such cold weather staples too. Every autumn, I start the  search for my dream pair of thigh-highs, but they either aren’t thigh-high enough or simply too provocative. Finally, I found them, the just right heel height and in a gorgeous subdued grey, perfect for layering with cashmere tights and all kinds of skirts. And like I told you on instagram earlier this week, this entire outfit cost less than the lunch I ate, Primark – you seriously rule!


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