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The Jumpsuit

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


What I’m Wearing: Bestseller Jumpsuit, Nelly Pointed Heels, Zara Hat & ASOS Sunglasses


You already know I love a jumpsuit – a little bit of baggy,a little bit of tailoring and a whole lot of statement. Even better is that they are comfortable, I’m a fan of any formal wear inspired by pyjamas – and that’s exactly what a jumpsuit is. My only qualm is that they do tend to enhance the size of my (to put it in a classy term) derriere, which isn’t really a problem  but I’m not exactly a small-bottomed girl if you know what I mean! How do you feel about jumpsuits? Love, hate, indifferent?  And if any of you have any tips on how to wear a jumpsuit with sneakers without it looking like a onesie, I’d love to hear them – its something I’ve been trying to pull off for years. More tomorrow! Photos: Faye Bullock


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