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Head Wrap

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I’m Wearing: Missguided Mongolian Wool Coat, ASOS Skinny Jeans, Louis Vuitton Clutch & Zara Heels

Sara (one of my best friends here in Paris) inspired me to embrace the head scarf – a hair accessory I adored back in my more “boho” days, but she works it so well with a pair of Nikes, that I thought, given my crazy hair as of late, to give it a try. And hey, I love it! But best of all, having all these beautifully fashionable friends means I have inspiration and ideas coming at me everyday, or specifically every weekend, when we get ready for a party together. And what I love most about Sara is that she is always honest – she’s not going to tell me that a dress looks good when it doesn’t – she will be blunt, but in the best, most refreshing way. And so on Friday or Saturday nights, we will usually pull out the entire contents of my wardrobe, and go through what I can only describe as a frenzy of dressing experimentation. By the end of one of these “sessions”, we will be a little flustered, stressed and my room will be a disaster, but its almost become a tradition and one that I have grown to love. We will change outifts a dozen times over, but there will be pauses for gossip, dancing to old 90s tunes and laughing at some of my rather questionable vintage clothing! Now if only Sara had a blog, right?! More tomorrow! Photos: Anastasia Nielsen


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