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the power of the pineapple

Sunday, June 15, 2014


real flossy

What I’m Wearing: Forever 21 Pineapple Dress, Flossy Frassy Pineapple Espadrilles, Fashion Pills Sunglasses & Vintage Basket Bag

real flossy5

The power of the pineapple, pretty nonsensical really, but I like the sound of it. With the sun setting behind me, hair whipping my face and a sea that seemed to reach to infinity – this triple dose of pineapple did me some good. Now girls, it was so hard to only pick 10 winners for my Frassy Flossy giveaway, I poured over each and every entry both here, on facebook and instagram. I wish so desperately that I could gift you all a pair, as there is nothing I’d love more than to see all you pretty girls wearing them! The whole decision process reminded me of those situations where you offer a dress to one of your girlfriends, but they all end up wanting it and it’s terribly awkward to choose. You girls are my friends, and to choose 10 best entries, well, it kind of pained me. I honestly love you all, so much! And I am so sorry if you didn’t win, all your styling ideas were seriously epic – so great actually I am surprised you even read Frassy, you girls don’t need my personal style inspiration, you got your own going! And so congrats to the winners, both for their awesome entries & social media support. I will be in touch on Monday morning via email to get your address/shoe size. I hope you take your Frassy Flossys on many adventures this summer – and please do send me photos when you do! I want to share the experience with you, even if it has to be across a screen!

Winners: Richelle Louise, Charlotte Goyvaerts, Emily Packer, Jennifer Monforton, Dana Giulia, Naomi Van Rhi, Naoimh Wilkins, Christine Bilby, Kellie Masterson & Melissa Cuentas


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