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give from the heart

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


i teamed up with rituals

to gift a personal hero a christmas present as part of their give from the heart campaign

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christmas shopping at the rituals boutique

i stopped by to choose a present from their Limited Edition Oriental Nights collection for my hero; my assistant & great friend, Neguine


We met under the pretense of a work meeting & that’s where I gave her the big red box, she adored it!


This has been a year like no other, when I look back on the last 365 days I cannot believe how much I’ve achieved, how many quiet goals I made real, how mentally I am more stable, I’m happier and safer in a life that previously was a little too chaotic.Now, this isn’t boasting so I hope you don’t read this as anything but a grateful note. There is something about a year slipping away that causes my mind to roll back, back to last year at this time and the year before that and so on. 2015 was a big one for me in many ways; too many ways to type here. I moved to Barcelona, I acquired a home but also, I took on a permanent assistant to help me with my work as well as all the silly creative whims that so many other people tend to laugh at. Now, I’ve spoken about her on here before but I will do so again, her name isNeguine and she also happens to be a really great friend.From the long hours we spend on the streets shooting videos and photographs, to the tiny hotel rooms and even smaller airplane seats we’ve found ourselves in for work abroad.

To the coffee she buys me or the tags she removes from my clothing samples when I carelessly forget; I am endlessly grateful. She was my pillar during Paris Fashion Week and on my birthday, she dragged me unwillingly out of my house to celebrate a day that usually makes me silently sad. In many ways, she is incredible.So, when Rituals asked me to participate in their Give From The Heart Campaign, I was asked to choose a personal hero and give them a gift, Neguine sprung to mind. Ofcourse she did, at this point, my life would be total chaos without her! So I stopped by the Rituals boutique and chose a gift for her. She, like me is a zealous collector of candles so I chose one from their Limited Edition, Oriental Nights collection and complemented it with the foamiest shower gel I’ve ever seen as well a shimmering body cream.

I surprised her under the pretence of a work meeting and it was there that I gave her the big red box filled and tied up tight in gold ribbon, she loved it! It was such a sunny day too; we sat,laughed and drank too much coffee for a few hours that afternoon.It was a lovely way to say thanks in a small way for all the enormous things she does for me. Christmas so often feels too gift centric to me, there is so much giving without much thought as to why. I hope I’ve inspired you, or at least encouraged you to give thanks to all the tiny kind rituals that tick though your own lives, they are infinitely worth celebrating.

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