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My Pinko Experience

Saturday, July 25, 2015


spending a few days in Sardinia with Pinko

Last week, Pinko kindly invited me to Sardinia and so off I went, catching a late night flight from Barcelona to spend a few days in Porto Cervo, an iconic and deliciously luxurious part of the island. Italy, for me, has always held endless fascination. And after visiting Sicily earlier this summer, it was lovely to finally experience Sardinia too. I always feel so lucky to go see these wonderful places, I never anticipated my work as a blogger to extend into travel but when it does, I feel blessed. And Pinko hosted me wonderfully, decadently and so graciously. Alongside a handful of beautiful bloggers, there were lengthy late night dinners with overflowing wine, poolside afternoons, a visit to the Pinko boutique in Porto Cervo where I left with arms heavy with new clothes. And on our last night, Pinko put on a casual, but oh so wonderful open air fashion show, where models strutted across a balcony overlooking the sea with a violin orchestra playing behind them. It was beautiful in that understated but glamorous way, an equilibrium only Italians seem artful enough to achieve. And as always, I eagerly snapped every moment I could, in fact, when I travel, an anxiety of sorts beholds me – nervous I haven’t taken enough pretty photos, photos I can clutch at later, like today on a cloudy, quiet Saturday at home. Regardless, here they are, I’m calling this Pinko Postcards from Sardinia, I hope you enjoy them.

Optimized-IMG_0136 copy

a mad men worthy pool at cala di volpe

I fell madly in love with the retro design of the poolside area. shocked to say I never found Don Draper or Betty


my new favourite ensemble

this light weight knit co-ord I picked up from Pinko in Porto Cervo, I’ve not taken it off since I arrived home

Optimized-IMG_0226 copy.jpg_effected

an italian island horizon

that great big blue sea & those great big boats dotting through it. so beautiful


walls in every colour at our hotel

Cala di Volpe combines colour so majestically – a spectrum of coloured walls alongside green, green grass & the perfect cerulean sea.

Optimized-New Album9 copy

how colourful, how retro

stepping back in time – and yet timeless, too.

Optimized-3I9A3536 copy

the golden hour

moments before the sun sunk away and a wonderfully comfortable all-white outfit by Pinko

Optimized-New Album8

the perfect combination

a Pinko white matching set hanging on the door of my hotel balcony & a view I enjoyed sipping iced lattes


an evening on the grandest of terraces

what I wore to attend the Pinko fashion show followed by a candlelight dinner

Optimized-New Album7

three of my favourite things

white, pink and flowers and all Italian too, how ideal.


a friend i don’t see enough

it was so lovely to be reunited with Emilie, a blogger I have loved a long time. she’s such a vivacious character, we laughed the entire trip.


i could sit here all day

Cala di Volpe is full of charming corners with comfy chairs sea views. I wish I could go back and spend an afternoon reading on all of them.


pinko A/W photoshoot

it was an honour to be photographed by Vincenzo Grillo, wearing Pinko A/W 2015 showcasing their Shine Baby Shine sneakers.


A huge thanks to both Pinko and Digital Brand Architects for hosting such an incredible trip. I am so happy to have seen a slice of Sardinia this summer. It was the perfect trip and while I did miss my Biba, it was another experience to add to the collection of what is undeniably my best summer yet.


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