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the first of many: frassyhome

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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the affordable primark accents I chose for my living room

introducing the beginning of my new interiors category ‘frassy home’

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I live in the biggest apartment I’ve ever lived in, not because I won the lottery but simply because I chose a city where housing is more affordable. I went from renting a bedroom with bars on the windows on the sketchy-not-chic-side of Pigalle, Paris to paying the same sum for an entire place here in Barcelona. Officially my apartment has 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms, I have since spun two of those bedrooms into an office and a walk in wardrobe. Now, I plan on showcasing every last wall of my home here with you, but to be honest, it is a daunting task. In starting this interiors category my aim is to both inspire you but also provide affordable items, ideas and resources for your own homes. The quantity of my posts I have lined up is in the dozens, but they will be detailed rather than an overview of my entire apartment. Just like my outfits, a great deal of thought has gone into what I have chosen in terms of colour scheme, decor, furniture and beyond. And similar to my outfits, everything that has gone into my home is financially feasible. In fact, the most expensive thing I have is my sofa which my Dad bought me that as a housewarming present. Everything else within these walls of mine is affordable. And so today, for my first post, I thought I’d share the key pieces I chose from Primark. I wear a lot of their clothes but more recently have favoured their homeware section. I bought every single last set of rose gold hangers the brand stocked here in Barcelona. I was even calling up so frequently about re-stocking that the woman who answered the phone hilariously knew me by name.  Hangers aside, everything else I bought comes with the same faithfully affordable Primark pricetag. You may have seen on instagram, I chose grey, white & black as the colour scheme for my living with rose gold/copper accents. I fiercely recommend dedicating yourself to a palette and not straying from it. As a girl that adores every single colour, I found this challenging. But, like my mother taught me, you wouldn’t wear a rainbow so why would you live in one? Interior discipline will ensure that your space has a clear and uncluttered aesthetic.

the pillows:

I have an undeniable penchant for all things furry, so I couldn’t resist these throw pillows. Now I have both the traditionally expensive mohair white furry cushions as well as these cheaper Primark versions and to be frank, I favour the affordable ones. Typically they are around the 50 euro mark but these were 12 each, hence why I threw in the turquoise option for good measure. Now this blue baby has been circulating my apartment, I’ve placed it in every room, unsure of the strange pop of colour amongst the otherwise strict monochrome. I’m still undecided but considering the price, Biba can always sleep on it in her bed instead. And the more coy retangular fluffy pillow? Not much of a statement cushion but comforting all the same, besides, it was only 6 euros, so into my basket it went.

the sofa throw:

My sofa is quite simply a cloud, layered like a mille feuille with all kinds of pillows and blankets. Sinking into it every evening after my post-gym shower is a small pleasure I really do cherish. I wanted a large, visually soft grey throw – never thought I’d find it at Primark but I did and I love it. I wanted something wrinkle proof and this one looks particularly pretty when bunched up and very casually strewn across my sofa. It is important to consider how a throw will look once it has been sat on, because this is how it will always look. Unless ofcourse you fold and rearrange it every time you get up, but who on earth has time for that?!

the lounge wear:

These pyjamas are made of terrycloth, my secret favourite textile ; mainly because of how soft and warm it is. Conveniently they also match the colour scheme of my living room. As for the slippers, much like the furry pillows but for my feet. I mostly bought them because feet on pillows creep me out; these little fluffers prevent that temptation, which believe me is practically irresistible when you own as many cosy cushions as I do.  Is that weird? Yes, most likely.

I guess that I should mention that all products here are available in Primark now. As for the rug? Coming in another post, it was a hard decision and I have a lot to say about it. I never thought I’d see the day when a rug would make me emotional, but girls, that day has come and I will be sure to wax lyrical on it soon. Very excited to share all the my interior details with you and I hope they inspire your own too. Until then, for more of my house, you can search my #frassyhome hashtag on instagram. It’s the only hashtag I’ve ever come up with and I’m stupidly proud of it.


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