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summer ills

Friday, July 24, 2015

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The day arrives slow and then stretches out quick, hours melt into the sun and all of the sudden, it is night time again and I’m in bed wondering exactly what I achieved that day. Most days, it feels like so little, other days, it feels like nothing at all. And then the frantic mental ‘TO DO’ lists I reel off in my head disappear into my pillows as I fall asleep. By morning, these very long lists are forgotten entirely and usually, I’ll wake up with one goal: iced coffee, a lot of it. It’s easy to forget in Spain, that just because everyone else is on vacation, it doesn’t mean you are. Now, Spanish, I am not, perhaps almost and certainly, in some ways I am more Spanish than American.

But it seems this season, I have acquiesed into this culture I know better than any other in a new way: in that the heat has turned my almost boiling high energy down to a indifferent ice cube. I’ve started walking on the shady side of the streets, I’ve not been to the beach in a good long while and after lunch, it is almost physically painful for me to keep my eyes open. I sit at my desk, yearning and yawning for a nap in the same way Biba whines and wiggles in my arms when she wants to sleep. I refuse to get in cabs that don’t have air-conditioning. There are endless conversations with strangers where we marvel dramatically at how unbearably hot it is. I roll my eyes at the tourists choosing to dine outside rather than in the cool interiors of the restaurants.

I have long forgotten warm food, warm showers and sunbathing seems a form of torture. Has summer in Spain, for the first time in 2 decades, defeated me? I hope not, perhaps, I am just a tad hysterical from being hot every moment of the day. Or maybe this is me becoming just a little more Spanish? Either way, Biba and I, we have been busy, running around the city, struggling to find ways to stay cool. So far, our preferred way? Shopping in the big air-conditioned boutiques, usually buying basket bags like this one on sale for 10 euros. With these temperatures, I’ll be broke by the end of the summer. Shopping seems the cure for what I am now calling the ‘summer ills’. Not only am I not enjoying summer, I am claiming shopping to be a solution?! – how bizarre, how unlike me. 34 celsius and above has definitely sent me a little loopy…momentarily, or so I hope!


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