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Dog Walking

Sunday, June 16, 2013

june 20132

What I’m Wearing: ASOS Oversized Sweater (as dress), Topshop Hat, Zara Suede Boots & Woven Suede Bag

I spend most of my Sundays in baggy clothing – I usually sleep until 12, eat a-verging-on obscene brunch with friends & then spend the rest of the day in a food coma. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to enjoy this day of doing sweet nothing. During the week, I’ve started making a point of not watching TV or movies (opting for books/magazines instead) so when the weekend rolls around, I allow myself a decadent amount of time in front of the TV. And on my Sunday list today was taking my photographer’s adorable dog out for a walk (I needed some exercise and there was no way I was going on a run, its the day of rest, duh!). And so off little Percy and I went to explore my new neighbourhood – and wow, there are a lot of gems up here on the hilly part of Paris. More tomorrow! Photos: Catherine O’Hara


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