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Buttes Chaumont

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Paris January 2014  Outfit Photos

What I’m Wearing: Celeb Boutique Manhattan Dress & ASOS Peeptoe Heels


I talk about Buttes Chaumont in my Paris guide, it really is a magical place. I love to come here to jog, picnics with friends, an open space to read or this time, with one of my best friends at dawn. This was a decision we came to late the night before, so we woke up in the dark hours, curled our hair and set off. It was just beautiful – with the icy blue sky slowly dissolving into daylight and barely a soul around. Naturally, we trekked to the Temple de la Sibylle, a miniature version of the famous ancient Roman Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, Italy and certainly the most enchanting feature of the park. Here we snapped photos, spun around in skirts and chatted until the early morning calm thawed out. The views from this tower are incredible, a 360 panoramic of Paris. I’ve wanted to share this spot with all of you on Frassy for a long time now, so I’m glad I finally managed to cross this enchanting place off my list. Hoping you all, be it visiting or living here, feel inspired to take a little trip up to this park, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Take a friend and some coffee to wander and simply enjoy, something I think all of us need to make more time for.


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