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Life, Lately

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I’ve not done one of my Life, Lately posts in almost two months, which is crazy as its always something I really enjoy sharing with you all. And at a time when I’ve been photographing more than ever, both for work and also, just because – here are some photos from the last few work-fuelled weeks in Paris. I’ve been slaving away big-time, but always managing to slip in a few hours of fun in  here or there. Be it a quick diet coke at Le Schmuck  or a few minutes of sunbasking on the Champ de Mars, Paris has been so beautiful as of late, I only wish I had more friends around to enjoy it with me. But second best, is sharing it with you all, online right here!


I few weeks back, I attended the Etam live show – some of you might remember the huge collaboration I did with the brand a few months back – so it was such fun seeing Etam come to life in such a vibrant and fun way. Azealia Banks, Breakbot, Kavinsky and Eve performed – I even managed to snap a photo of Natalia Vodianova, who is the face of the campaign and exactly the sort of supermodel I can admire.


Really loving the Leighton Meester collection for Nelly – been wearing this cotton jumpsuit all the time, purely because it is just so comfortable. And as always, when spring rolls around, my flower obsession hits addiction level. I photograph them endlessly and then when I can justify it, grab colourful bouquets  to fill the house with. If only flowers weren’t so expensive here in Paris!



Finders Keepers kindly gifted me a bunch of beautiful goodies, including my matching leopard print coffee cup & iphone case, as well as this floral bustier, which I am absolutely in love with. I wore it to the park this weekend for a picnic, I was in such a good mood when this photo was taken, can you tell?!



Relaxing in cafes, cherry blossoms near the Eiffel Tower and multiple trips to Angelina’s have been all part of my work week – honestly, I am the luckiest girl alive being able to run around such a gorgeous city taking photos and enjoying all these delights for my work. Even managed to get slightly sunburnt since I’ve been spending almost every waking hour outside.


Shot this Eiffel Tower photo at sunset while I was driving through the city with my boyfriend – had him go extra slow to make sure I got the shot. Orange roses are my favourite flowers, but I’m pretty sure I already told that to you guys – but speaking of favourites, the Mono handbag is by the best Beara Beara bag, in my eyes at least. I carry mine everywhere, especially out in the countryside in Spain!


Some of my latest lingerie, which I photographed pretty for a freelance client of mine. Plus, Eiffel tower keychains…yes, I’m still a sucker for these little things and they look so cute in photographs. I’m pretty sure I have every colour and style available in the city now, guess my collection has now been completed. More tomorrow! Photos: Catherine O’Hara, Faye Bullock (& myself)


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