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B&W by the Seine

Friday, January 24, 2014



What I’m Wearing: ASOS Hat, Vintage Coat, H&M Oversized Tee, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Missguided Boots & Topshop Sunglasses

As you might have seen via instagram, I was in Milan for 2 days earlier this week for work. When I stepped off the plane and into the car, my driver asked me if I was a stylist or a model. I tried to explain to him that really I was neither but maybe a little of both. He didn’t speak much English and as I am sure his reading material doesn’t extend to fashion blogs, it was incredibly difficult to articulate exactly what I do for a living. And as full-time blogger, as well as freelancer of most things digital & creative, I often am met with confused faces when I explain how I make my money. I’ve been blogging professionally for 3 years now, but as the years have passed, I found work in other fields too – I design clothes, I work as a photographer, I manage 2 e-commerce sites and I am the  social media/community manager of sorts for a few brands. I always have a lot on my career plate, so much so, its confusing and stressful and at times I fear my focus is so diffused that producing anything of the quality I aim for feels impossible. Do you have any of you fellow freelancers experience this too sometimes? On top of this creative battle, there is that confused hazy look darted my way when I tell people about my work. It is actually so annoying – even people very close to me, who are well aware of the ins and outs of my professional life seem to believe that one day, I will have a real job. Society seems to tell us that our careers must revolve around a traditional 9-5. That work consists of, essentially commuting to an office and working for someone else. Well, let me tell you something, at 25, I know I will never have one of those “real jobs”. Now, I am not saying there aren’t awesome jobs out there, I am just not cut out for one. Freelance life isn’t stable nor is it the most comfortable route, but I will always be willing to ride out the uncertainties that inevitably come with what I do.  Some of the most talented (and richest) people I know are essentially unemployable – their passions and independence lead them in directions far beyond the instructions of a boss. So don’t be afraid to dream big, even if it means living on rice for a few months at the beginning – its hard, scary but ultimately, working for yourself is absolutely thrilling. Be your own boss. Pursue your passions, always! More tomorrow! Photos: Catherine O’Hara


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