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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What I’m Wearing: Bliss Clothing Geek Sweatshirt, Chicwish Pink Skirt, Essentiel Pink Loafers & Topshop White Sunglasses
pink 2

Oh if only I had this sweatshirt back in highschool, when I had a unibrow, wore men’s loafers and always had a pile of books in my arms. I was painfully geeky in those days. Studying was my life and I was painfully shy. At 24 I now have 2 eyebrows instead of one and am almost always the loudest person in the room – but I will always be an inner dork and a total goof.  Not to mention,  all those “cool” kids I went to school with, I see their lives play out (oh the beauty of social media) and feel so grateful I spent my teenage years in the library and on the running track. So for those of you still at school, hit the books hard, resist that whole (superrr) lame popularity game and start cultivating the person you want to be in your twenties. Not only will your parents be proud, one day you will look back (I promise) and congratulate yourself for being the geek, the dork & the bookworm. And then you can sing this song to all those losers that slacked off and foolishly thought they were “too cool for school”. More tomorrow! Photos: Catherine O’Hara


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