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Sunday, August 18, 2013

August in Spain has been mostly work orientated, but I’ve managed to slip away from it all for at least an hour or so a day. To cook, read, exercise & sunbathe primarily, all the pursuits I associate with spending summers at home. Here are some photos of life, lately in Spain.


kirstin blog post 14

These are some of the books I’ve read so far this summer -“Farewell to Arms” by Hemingway and “The Bell Jar” by Plath are two of my all time favourites, I’ve read both 3 times over since my university days.  My brother and I set out to make “healthy-as-possible” burgers a few weeks ago. We used ground steak instead of mince and only organic veggies. And there is some kale in there too!

kirstin blog post 13


I will always treasure my YSL arty ring, it holds a lot of sentimental value plus I’m pretty sure it will become one of my timeless jewellery pieces, despite how trendy it was. I’ve  been wearing my Miss Hamptons espadrilles everywhere this summer, funnily enough the brand is actually based in Elche, a town not too far from where my family lives here in Spain. Costa Blanca, represent! Keeping the fashion local, I like it!

kirstin blog post 12

Not sure how well lipstick and philosophy go together, but I am absolutely adoring both right now. There is this random shop here that sells these incredible matte lipsticks for5 euros each – I have no idea what brand they are but I love how they look. Even my girlfriends in Paris are hooked on them and always ask me to bring a couple back for them. This time, I went all out and bought every shade they had.


One of my Mom’s oldest friends gifted me her mini vintage LV bag, which was actually bought for her as a present in Paris in the 70s. What an awesome gift, def. made my month. And fits my summer essentials just perfectly; i-phone, credit card and a book!


Some of you might have seen those delicious looking photos of that guilt-free watermelon cake circling your instagram feeds? Well, I was impressed. A cake made of fruit, yoghurt and nuts was def. something I needed to try. So I did, and its pretty good. Okay, its doesn’t taste like cake BUT you can eat it all day and not get fat! I used this recipe here.


And finally, one of my favourite items of clothing this summer – my Lashes of London Denim Cut-Out Playsuit – ideal for throwing on over bikinis and pretty comfortable too! More tomorrow!


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