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Slices of Life

Friday, September 21, 2012

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Those of you who follow my Frassy facebook page and diary blog, Sporadic Soul will usually get a little more of an insight into my life – all the little details and silly moments I feel compelled to snap and thus in some sense, hold on to forever. Sometimes these will overflow onto Frassy, like tonight – as a full-time blogger and part-time photographer, I spend a lot of time both in front of and behind the lense and so I like to share all the random moments that spontaneously happen during my day-to-day camera life. From nocturnal me hanging out of my apartment windows to a detail shot of something pretty and new I bought or just a downright bizarre cat mask snap taken in the early weekend hours.  I guess I cherish photographs such as these because they really capture the microcosm that is my Paris world, my tiny fraction of the city and the places/people that to me, have become home and family. More soon! 


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