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Saturday, August 10, 2013


What I’m Wearing: Vintage Oversized Peasant Blouse & Vintage Silk Scarf (tied into hair)real2

My mom and I spent a few hours today going through all my old clothes – its one of those chores I’ve been meaning to do since I graduated from university (which was ahem, 3 years ago – impressive procrastination, right?!). But since I am home for longer this time, she finally pinned me down to doing it – and it was actually, hilariously fun. If only I could share some of the snapchats I sent my friends, of me wearing some super questionable garments from my teen years! Most of it will be donated to Salvation Army, but I did find a few handfuls of treasures that I still love, including this peasant top. I pulled it on this afternoon, haphazardly threw a scarf in my (very sea-salty, verging on crispy) hair and voila, I was ready for the pool! So, seeing as its summer, and we all usually have at least a little more free time, encouraging you girls to go through all the clothes that are collecting dust in the corners of your room/house. What seems tedious might result in some new forgotten-about additions to your wardrobe!


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