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Sunday, August 11, 2013

I’ve not worn heels or makeup in over 2 weeks-  my daily outfits are simple & skimpy and my hair is in a permanent state of curly (mess). The more skin I show, the more tan I get – basically my fashion mantra for August. And so this is just an another one of those “boiled down to basic” outfits I’ve worn recently. Ironically, in the midst of finishing my collection – at a time when my thoughts could not be more focused on clothes, I don’t have the energy to wear anything super stylish. Instead, I grab the first two things from the top of my suitcase, add a pair of espadrilles and I’m out the door.


Finally, I’ve been updating my diary blog quite frequently -so take a look, if you wish, right here. Also, I’m really on top of my instagram game these days, so if you’d like to see a ridiculous amount of puppy photos, Spanish sunsets, shameful selfies and fruity iced drinks, then follow me @frassyaudrey. More tomorrow!


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