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Saturday, August 31, 2013


What I’m Wearing: Triangl Twiggy Stardust Bikini


And so it all slowly sizzled to an end today, the final day of August, the last pink sunset, the iced diet cokes by the pool, no make-up and always wet hair, the stream of seemingly endless late hot nights – all the best parts of the year are over. Summer has officially come to a close, and I am sighing to say the least. I always get nostalgic when this season ends – a panic of sorts sets in, worrying that I didn’t enjoy it quite enough – I physically need these golden months to get through the bleaker, colder ones ahead. But on the brink of September, I am ready for autumn – its been an incredible summer, but a slog too. I’ve worked a lot and I’m excited to finally see my efforts pay off. Or at least I hope! And as a celebration of just how awesome this month in Spain has been, I spent all day at the pool in the best bikini I have ever worn – seriously girls, Triangl swimwear has got it going onnnn. Perfect fit and the sexiest faux leather-scuba material – I’m totally hooked.


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