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the dog days are coming

Sunday, March 15, 2015

dog days is an expression referring to the sultry days of summer – so I matched my dress to the phrase because words & clothes can coordinate too.


what im wearing: sugarhill bark in the park dress & sugarhill blue trench


Yes, I’ve learnt how to apply bronzing lotions in the most deceiving way. Yes, I wear pigtails sometimes – in my eyes I only have a few years left to do so, at thirty I hope to be tying my little girls’ hair rather than my own. Yes, I like this dog-printed dress because dogs are the only male species I always love. Yes I did pretend I was in Provence on this sunsoaked street in Paris. Yes, Yes please – is what I am saying to all sorts of things these days – new work projects, summer vacation plans, ballet classes. In fact the only things I am saying No to is shopping, in an effort to save money as well as boys who claim they like ‘intellectual books’ but then can’t name a single title. At this rate, I will be single forever but with wads of cash to use for splashing around the Mediterranean. And that is where my head is this month, up in the clouds floating alongside the sun as it strengthens for spring, which is so close, half-way here already, I can taste it. Life feels light, work is heavy but it’s bringing me happiness and a quiet pride I prefer not to express here or anywhere. But above all, the sun is smiling and so I am, I hope you are too.


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